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Frozen Food Meals – Can be High Quality

Frozen food meals often get a bad reputation for being unhealthy, bland, and of low quality. However, this is far from the truth. With the advancements in technology and a greater emphasis on healthier options, frozen food meals have improved drastically in terms of quality and taste.

Frozen foods have long been thought to be less nutritious than fresh produce. However, a new review has found that this may not be the case. Frozen fruits and vegetables, such as peas, are often frozen shortly after harvesting, which preserves their levels of nutrients and minerals.

Here are some reasons why frozen food meals can be of high quality:

The Decline in Nutrient Levels in Fresh Produce

On the other hand, fresh produce that is sold in stores often undergoes a long delay from field to store. This delay can lead to a decline in the beneficial compounds found in the produce. In some cases, fruits and vegetables that are sold as “fresh” may have been held in warehouses for several days or even weeks.

The Rise of Prepared Meal Delivery Services

As a result, prepared meal delivery services are becoming increasingly popular, catering to individuals who may not have the time or inclination to cook all of their meals at home. Some meal delivery websites aim to elevate the experience of eating at home by delivering high-quality, restaurant-style meals right to your doorstep.

The Benefits of Impact Freezing for Prepared Meals

This is made possible through the use of impact freezing, a rapid form of freezing that minimizes damage to food and preserves it at its best. During the process of impact freezing, all water molecules in the food are transformed into crystals. The faster the freezing process, the smaller the crystals, and after thawing, there will be no loss of liquid, texture, or flavor.

The Use of Impact Freezers in the Frozen Food Industry

Impact freezers come in various designs, from single-batch freezers to continuous coolers like tunnel freezers, which continuously freeze products like frozen fruits and vegetables, ready-to-eat meals, breakfast items, canned goods, desserts, and more as they travel through the cooler on a conveyor belt.

The Energy-Intensive Nature of Impact Freezing

Impact freezing is the most energy-intensive activity in the frozen food storage industry in the United States, consuming 8.1 GWh of power in 2005. The primary objective of impact freezing is to achieve fast freeze times. Fast freeze times are essential for production efficiency, as well as the economics of quality.

The Importance of Quality Control in Prepared Meals

Frozen food manufacturers strive to preserve as much of the quality of the raw product as possible to position their products in high-value markets. Companies like Sunrise Synergies are providing quality frozen ready-to-eat food meals delivered to your doorstep.
These meals are cooked like you would at home and are designed to provide high-quality, healthy, and nutritious meals that are incredibly delicious. At Sunrise the Synergies, quality is assured from start to finish, and all products are customer-centric and reliable. The company follows all Covid-19 guidelines and adheres to all food quality standards to provide the best quality wholesale frozen food to its customers.